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Experience of the Program by senior disciples:
“Acquiring the Secret of Yoga Asana”

Oneness in Action, Word and Thought

Translation of an article of Jayadevi,

“[Harmony of] action, word and thought” [in Japanese, this phrase is symbolically written as “body, mouth and mind,”] is a key phrase that Shantimayi repeatedly mentioned during the program.

I have practiced to bring awareness to my action, word and thought in daily life. Yet I did not have clear understanding of what “action, word and thought” meant in asana. As the program progressed, however, I came to understand that the pose cannot be completed if any detail is missing, even a little. (Personally, I felt strongly about this toward my attempt for mayurasana.) Action, word and thought indicate action, breath and the mind in asana. By carefully observing these three points, I realized that each affects the others, and all three of them fully work together toward one direction. Now I bring my awareness to this during each asana. This “one direction” is the stream or path from asana to meditation.

Also, I was taught repeatedly about the importance of the heat (tapas) in asana. Only at the moment when the heat is extremely heightened in the mind and body such that one could literally scream can we go beyond our own limits. Unless we struggle to reach our limits, we cannot go beyond the high wall of our limits. And even after we reach beyond our limit, higher walls are endlessly erected. I need to intensify the heat, and perform every aspect of asana the best that I possibly can do. I realize that its crystallization or result is asana.

Secret of Asana—I feel may not be secret. Rather, it is something that if my eyes are closed, I cannot see it; if my mind is clouded, I cannot sense it, and if the vessel is not worthy, it cannot receive. Shri Mahayogi has mentioned so many times that “the asana must be steady and comfortable.” I can also find and read this verse in sacred scripture, and speak about it. But do I really understand asana (sitting position)? I can’t say that I do. What is asana? What is the meaning in sitting? Only when I attain the state of asana, and master it by experiencing it, will the secret will be revealed.

Guru (Master) is ready to bestow the secret anytime and wait for his disciples to become ready to receive. He continuously leads me so that my container becomes ready and I can receive it with pure eyes and heart. If the secret has been passed on carefully and surely from Guru to disciple, and if that is the path of Yoga, I want to be a true disciple. I intensely yearn for this.

What I have learnt from this program “Acquiring the Secret of Yoga Asana” is to practice what I have learned carefully and consciously with the beginner’s mind. And this makes me challenge myself to heighten the seriousness, passion and determination on the path of Yoga that I will take from now on. Instead of waiting till the secret is revealed, I must intensely yearn it from my heart, and I have to go get it. In order for us to energize the fire in the heart, the senior disciples offered this program.

Throughout this three month period, Shantimayi, Sananda, and Haridas are filled with Shri Mahayogi’s teachings, words, and the way He is; everything of Shri Mahayogi is fully in them. I felt their indomitable will to convey what they have learned from Shri Mahayogi, taking it as their mission, no matter what. How much I am able to receive depends entirely on my application of practice and discipline.

The program was full of Love itself, and passion toward Yoga. I am so grateful. I rediscovered how dynamic and sensitive is Yoga and its secret. I am so fascinated and I love Yoga more than ever. I want to be more and more absorbed in Yoga, and continuously heighten the fire of Yoga. And I want to pass Yoga on through being a living example.