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PRANAVADIPA: Volume 12, 2015


The Table of Contents

Vol. 25 — Vol. 36

VOL 25: December 2016
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: Kyoto 2000
• The Attitude of a Real Practitioner
• True Reality: The Ocean and the Waves
Raja Yoga: Bramacharya
Hatha Yoga: The Ideal Time for Daily Asana and Meditation
• Daily Practice: For Those Who Seek Satori,
Each Action of Every Moment Should Be Taken as Practice
For the Purification That Leads To Satori
Raja Yoga: What it Means to Practice for
the Purification of the Mind
• Genuine Consciousness Exists Beyond
the Pain-Bearing Obstacles and the Mind
• Connection with the Practice of Tapas and Meditation
• Discrimination: The Practice of Discrimination in Yoga
VS the Common Practice of Discrimination

Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Sadhya, 2016
Jayanti Message: Sangha


VOL 26: January 2017
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: New York 2016
• Meditation: Importance of Posture
• Meditation: The Deeper State That Flows Out as the Extension Beyond Thinking
Bhakti Yoga: The Pure Devotion and Faith of Hanuman
• Daily Practice: Relating With Family; Mauna;
Discrimination and Renunciation

Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Yogadanda, 2016
Jnana Yoga Part 1 of 2


VOL 27: February 2017
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: New York 2016
• Discriminate Until the Mind Becomes Silent
• The Path to Satori is for Anyone,
Whether One Has Family or Not:
Advance the Eight Ashtanga Simultaneously
• The Meaning of the Cosmic Egg, Brahmanda
• Recognizing an Awakened Being:
All Virtue Shines Forth From Their Existence
• Interpreting “God is Love” and
“Love Your Neighbor as Yourself” Through Vedanta
• For the Beginner, Practicing Asana is Effective
in Strengthening the Body and Mind

Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Yogadanda, 2016
Jnana Yoga Part 2 of 2


VOL 28: March 2017
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: Kyoto 2015-2016
• Concrete Daily Practice:
It’s All About How Much the Mind Can
Single-Pointedly Focus on the Truth, God, or Satori
• Real Practice and Study of Yoga Happens in Daily Life:
Complaining, Making Excuses or Whining
Weakens the Direction of the Mind’s Will
• The Meaning of Prema
• Through Deepening Practice the Senses are Sharpened
Whilst Reactions are Lessened
• Two Wheels: Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga
• Continue to Practice Concretely and Persistently

Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Nirmala, 2016
Jayanti Speech: My Ideal


VOL 29: April 2017
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: Kyoto 2004-2013
• The Descent of the Avatara
    —The Great Mission and Blessing—
• The Establishment of Sanatana Dharma

Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Anandamali
• Jayanti
Speech from 2008 and Messages from 2013 & 2016


VOL 30: May 2017
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: Kyoto 2015
Study of the Truth and Meditation
• What is Meditation?
• Science of the Mind—The Law of Karma
• Control of the Body, the Breath, and the Mind
• Pure Consciousness

Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Satya & Sharanya
• Two Speeches for Sanatana Dharma Avatara Mela 2017


VOL 31: June 2017
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: Kyoto 2015
Study of the Truth and Meditation Part 2
• Incorrect Attachments of the Mind and the Pain-bearing Obstacles
• The Auspicious Encounter With Yoga and the Path to Realization
• Three Jewels: Buddha-Dharma-Sangha
• Preparation of the Body and Breath for Meditation

Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Sadhya
• Practice in Daily Life, 2017


VOL 32: July 2017
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: Kyoto 2015
Study of the Truth and Meditation Part 3
• Know the Truth, Then Live by It
• The Voice of the Mind and the Voice of the Soul
• Meditate on the Form of a Perfect God
• Go Beyond Karma and Get Closer to the Truth

Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Shachi
• Small Steps Along the Way, 2003


VOL 33: August 2017
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: Kyoto 2017
• From Hatha Yoga to Raja Yoga:
The Truth of the Teaching of Asana
That Comes Directly From the Experience of Shri Mahayogi
• Understanding Emotions
• Concentration Without Tension
• The Practice of Discrimination:
Act in Complete Alignment With Atman
• Daily Practice: Practice Without Having Any Careless Moments
• Daily Practice: The Understanding of Family;
All Living Beings are One Without a Second
Sanatana Dharma and Its Establishment

Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Priya
• Shri Mahayogi’s First Visit to Taiwan!!!, 2017


VOL 34: September 2017
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: Taipei 2017
Special Satsangha in Taiwan:
The First Satsangha of Four From
Shri Mahayogi’s Very First Visit
• The Truth of God
• The Blueprint of Life
• Awaken to the Pure Consciousness
• The Origin of All Things
• The Study, Training and Practice of Yoga; Guru
• The Level of Earnest Seriousness Needed to Seek the Truth
• Ignorance That Covers the Truth and the Control of the Mind

Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Prasadini
• A Gift for Taiwan, 2017


VOL 35: October 2017
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: New York 2017
• Postures for Meditation
Sanyama: Concentration, Meditation and Samadhi
• The Ideal for any Parent
• Experience the Truth of Reality:
Go Beyond the Theory of Quantum Mechanics
• Discriminate Against Your Mind’s Tendencies:
Educate Your Mind With the Truth and Mend Your Actions
• The Meaning of the Japanese word En
Karma Yoga at Work
• The Four Noble Truths and The Eightfold Path
• The First Step in Controlling Sexual Energy
• The Meaning of Living by Faith

Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Gopala
• The Existence and Guidance of the Guru:
Reflecting on my Stay in New York City, 2017


VOL 36: November 2017
Teachings of Shri Mahayogi: New York 2017
• Educate the Mind Through Actual Practice
• Grace of God
• Daily Discipline: “Brahman is Tapas. Through Tapas, Realize Brahman.”
• The Difference Between Meditation and Being Absorbed in Recollecting
• What is Renunciation?
• How to View Working Hours
• Desire to be Recognized

Testimonies from Actual Practitioners: Ms. Fukoue (Anandi)
• The Gift of Yoga
Gathering: Taste the Essence of Yoga that Guides the Mind to Tranquility
• Articles From the Series of Ms. Fukoue’s (Anandi’s) Columns,
Published in the Ehime Newspaper in 2008





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